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Cascade Integrative Dentistry Advances Our Standard of Care by Offering Evidence-Based Treatments to Increase Long-Term Success and Boost Your Oral Health

We believe that dentistry is more than just your teeth. We look at you as a whole individual and examine the connections between different parts of your mouth, your lifestyle, and your total health.

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Tailor-Made Treatments

No more cookie-cutter treatments; instead, we create personalized plans to help you get not just the smile you want, but better well-being.

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Getting to the Root

We can identify and address the root cause of health issues, not just alleviate symptoms, so you spend less time in the dental chair in the future.

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Services 2.0

You will be treated with the latest technologies and techniques, whether it’s related to oral hygiene, orthodontics, or more, that serve to benefit your health overall.

The Problem with Traditional Dentistry

  • Tackles the symptoms, not the cause of problems
  • Overlooks the impact on your wider health
  • Leads to repeated visits for the same issues
  • Treats all patients the same with cookie-cutter procedures

Dentistry 2.0

  • Uses science-backed analysis to identify the root cause of problems
  • Provides tailor-made treatments that work long-term for every individual
  • Allows for non-invasive cosmetic treatments
  • Improves your whole health, long-term, with innovative treatments
Advancing Your Standard of Care

Discover how Dr. Koogler has changed the dental experience for his patients.

Meet Your Modern Seattle Dentist

Dr. Nick Koogler - Taking a systems approach to oral health.

Dr. Koogler believes that dentistry is about helping all patients improve their health and that we have to connect the dots between areas, looking at total body health, not just the mouth.

He focuses on ensuring patients know that anyone can have better oral health, and achieves better health for his patients by viewing health holistically and providing comprehensive care to alleviate problems at the root. By drawing on his range of professional experiences, everyone can have the health and lifestyle they deserve.

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Integrative Dental Services

Our patients appreciate how quick and painless our procedures are.

At Cascade Integrative Dentistry, we’re dedicated to your well-being through an evidence-based approach. Our Seattle dental services are designed with precision and rooted in scientific research to provide you with the highest standard of care.

Seattle Dental Sleep Medicine

Snoring and sleep apnea are serious issues that affect millions of people and their families. Dr. Koogler is a Seattle sleep dentist who can help you get the sleep you need to enjoy your daily life.

Visit our Dental Sleep Medicine websiteClick to open this link in a new tab to learn more.

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