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Tailor-made dentistry that is not one-size-fits-all.

Dentistry 2.0

A new approach for Seattle dental services.

At Cascade Integrative Dentistry,Click to open this link in this window we’re redefining dental care to optimize your overall health with an approach called Dentistry 2.0.

With nearly 9/10 Americans suffering from tooth decay, almost half affected by gum disease, and our population generally unhealthier than half a century ago, our approach is more vital than ever.

Our teamClick to open this link in this window meets the challenge by blending advanced technology and innovative techniques to offer you a unique Integrative dental experience that includes:

  • Microbiome Testing: This method allows for pinpoint accuracy in identifying and addressing the root causes of oral health issues
  • Advanced Laser Dentistry: Achieve precision and comfort in every procedure with state-of-the-art laser technology
  • Tailored Treatments: Customize your care with a focus on prevention and long-term well-being, reducing the need for invasive treatments
  • Evidence-Based Care: Rely on scientifically proven methods to ensure the highest standard of treatment and a holistic approach to oral and systemic health
Dr. Nick Koogler sitting next to a woman in the Cascade Integrative Dentistry dental office talking about the services we offer

Our Treatments

What we offer to you and your smile.
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General Dentistry
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Cosmetic Dentistry
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Restorative Dentistry
“It Was Really 21st-Century Dentistry, I Had No Needles, It Was All Laser, and Completely Painless”

Listen to our patient Alyssa, who experienced Cascade’s dentistry 2.0 for herself.

Care for Your Whole Health

Dr. Koogler uses scientific-backed dentistry to go beyond just your teeth.

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Preventative & Hygiene

We safeguard your oral health and help address gum disease. Whether you need routine exams or laser dentistry,Click to open this link in this window we can improve your beautiful smile while maintaining your overall well-being.

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Discover a confident, radiant smile with our orthodontic services.Click to open this link in this window We not only straighten teeth but use modern techniques to enhance your bite and jaw alignment, offering you more than just a beautiful smile.

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Facial Aesthetics

Revitalize your natural beauty and confidence through our comfortable, modern, transformative cosmetic treatments.Click to open this link in this window Thanks to our needle-free approach, we can offer you the chance to look and feel your best without discomfort.

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